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    Poland Going Green – Your source for Green Eco Friendly Living

    Poland Going Green will be your best source of information about everything going green in Poland.  We will provide information and tips on how you can live green.  Being Environmentally Friendly is not just our duty to Mother Earth, but it is the right thing to do.  So, check back frequently as we showcase products and [...]

Go Green, Go Zero Waste

Reduce, reuse and recycle – this is the mantra that most of us hear when it comes to adopting the green lifestyle. These steps are all well and good because of their positive impact on lessening the wastes being dumped into landfills, waterways and the seas. But there is a better way than reducing your [...]

Green Family Projects – Compost

Many homeowners may feel that their efforts in reducing their collective household members’ carbon footprints are simply insufficient to make a positive impact on the environment. If you are one of these homeowners, don’t despair because it is possible to make a greater impact towards protecting the only planet we can live on.
The good news [...]

Greener Workplaces Can Help Us All

The movement to go green is not about individuals. It is great when you make a decision to go green in your family, but your family alone can’t make the big difference that we need as a society. What we need is every person to take the step to go green. One of the best [...]

How the Airline Industry Became Greener

Air travel may be the most convenient, easiest and fastest way to travel but it is as guilty as the rest of the land and water-bound forms of transportation when it comes to its carbon footprint. We might say that the airlines are the menace in the sky for environmentalists – a necessary evil, if [...]

Eco-friendly Graphic Designing

Promoting greener image in the community is a way of creating awareness for the environment. But by helping create a greener product, you initiate the steps of actually saving it from gradual damage. Graphic designers can also make this step in saving the environment. Small business owners and freelance designers can make simple changes to [...]

Plastic Containers Helpful Buyers Guide

There are lots of different types of plastics on the market, each with their own properties.  Some plastics are a lot healthier and more environmentally friendly than others.  They’re more stable and easier to recycle.  How do you tell the difference?  Each piece of plastic should come with a resin identification code.  That’s the one [...]

Cell Phone Recycling

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days.  They’re ubiquitous, and they’ve come a long way since the early days.  You may remember when cell phones were large, clunky, and rare.  However, the average US phone lasts only eighteen months.  These phones aren’t necessarily broken.  They’re thrown out by people who want to upgrade and [...]

Ceiling Fans And Roof Turbines

Did you know that ceiling fans and roof turbines could be saving you a lot of money?  They’re extremely efficient and can do a lot to improve the temperature of your home, winter or summer.  Here’s a look at what you can do with your roof turbines and ceiling fans to improve energy efficiency and [...]

Looking at Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulbs

The increased public awareness of environmental issues has led to a number of unique, “green” products entering the marketplace. One such product is the compact fluorescent lamp (light) bulb. This new light bulb is rapidly replacing the traditional incandescent bulb thanks to its cost and energy saving benefits.
Surprisingly, compact fluorescent lamps are not a new [...]

Greening your school

Dwindling financial resources have brought metropolitan school districts to their knees, cutting elective studies, losing athletics programs, and silencing music.  In some cities and rural areas the effects are even more troubling as schools are closed and students are crammed into shrinking classrooms.  Schools are frantically searching for viable ways to reduce overhead by more [...]